help media group is a formal alliance between Swiss media companies. HELP Media Inc. is a Swiss media company based in Switzerland. HELP Media's online newspapers and business news publications, online platforms, together with its company-database and domainportfolio make it one of Switzerland's leading media enterprises.

  • Business information

    Business & com­mer­ci­al register information of Swiss companies. Help media runs the Swiss yellow pages. Domain registrar of .ch Domains.

  • Media company

    Help media is a Swiss media company, pro­ducing online newspapers and magazines. It also runs well over 100 web and mobile platforms.

  • Rating provider

    Triple A is an in­dependent Cor­po­rate Rating pro­vider based in Switzer­land. Internet media research, moni­toring and analysis of trends.

  • Enter­tain­ment

    Casinos Enter­tain­ment is the source of over 20 nightlife, lifestyle & scene portals. It also runs plat­forms for tourist infor­mation.

help media group

help media group is a formal alliance between Swiss media companies.

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Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI): More than half a million trade marks in Switzerland
Eidgenössisches Institut für Geistiges Eigentum, 14.02.2019

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